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Education motivation management
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Innovative methods for managing student motivation are available to you:
Group training
Unite students in groups, come up with interesting tasks for them - this format of training leads to high-quality results and the perception of information.
Competition and rating of perfomance
Rankings and competitions are a great way to help participants move faster, learn better and more! They will strive for high results.
Prizes for winners
Reward winners with valuable prizes: certificates of completion, books, excursions and more. What rewards to choose will be up to you!
Gamification, badges, tokens and points for completing assignments
Incentives, prizes, rewards, group training, gamification, certificates - all this increases the involvement, quality and effectiveness of the education of participants.
"Punishment" "for students
Is someone trying insufficiently? You can "punish" students for poor performance. "The burning" of life is what awaits a participant who does not pass training on time!
Accompanying coaches / experts
Support, motivation and accompaniment is what helps participants to better absorb information and move forward, despite the distractions!
Membership in a closed community of people with the same interests
Add students to a social network where they can support each other and help. Let them know about all the important news and events, announce interesting contests or gather for events.
The training methodology provides for mandatory support and assistance to each other during the training
Students will help each other about to master new material and solve the tasks assigned to them. Every time they encounter difficulties, they can request and receive help from the community.

All details and capabilities of the Smart Expert platform are disclosed in more detail in our presentation
What results do you get after implementing the distance learning platform?
Increasing university
Students prefer to learn and get new skills online. Provide them with this opportunity: place courses on the marketplace, students buy them - you can receive additional profit.
Optimization of training costs
Using the platform for distance learning, you can optimize costs by 30% -70% by optimizing many processes.
An additional channel
for attracting students
Attract new students across the country or the world by offering innovative ways to pursue higher education.
Improving the effectiveness of training
Increase the quality and speed of students' training, offer them only relevant and concentrated information that will help them to master the desired skills faster and more competently.
Manage teachers and the learning process from your personal account. Keep track perfomance of student and the entire school.
Certification and verification of students
Perform certification, submission of essays and other works - online! Save time for teachers and students, thereby improving the quality of education!
Convenient management
With SmartExpert learning is not limited to classroom attendance
Students can open courses and take training from any device: laptops, tablets, mobile phones.

So they will be able to undergo training, take tests and repeat the passed material at any convenient time: at home, in a cafe, in the fresh air.
The technical side of the issue
Your data is
completely safe
All data is stored on powerful servers and is under reliable protection thanks to an advanced copy system.
Compliance with international standards of distance learning
In developing the platform, we took into account the most effective teaching methods. Moreover, we developed our own way of teaching students and patented it.
Easy to install and configure the platform
Installation and configuration requires a minimum time. Already during the first week you will be able to set up and run distance learning for employees!
License price is one of the most favorable on the market.
Professional support team
Our team will quickly answer any questions related to the platform. In addition, we are actively creating a knowledge base, conducting free webinars, creating training courses, which will allow you to easily and quickly connect online education!
Our team solves 80% of requests within 2 hours after contacting!
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